Vacuum Pump Equipment

Regular servicing minimises downtime and extends the life of your equipment, saving money and improving operating efficiencies. We can offer flexible maintenance contracts to suit your requirements as well as breakdown repair and on demand servicing both in-house and on site for the following,

  • All makes of vacuum pumpVacuum Pump Servicing
  • Mechanical boosters
  • Leak detectors
  • Freeze dryers
  • Coaters / Metalisers
  • Cryogenic storage vessels
  • Diffusion / turbo pumping systems
  • Degassing / water trap systems
  • All associated instrumentation

Every service comes with a six month warranty and loan equipment can be provided (depending on availability) to ensure uninterrupted production and continuity of use if repair to your equipment is not possible within a reasonable time scale.

With our background links to Severn Science we are also in a position to specialise in the service/repair of equipment built by Severn Science, for example the Severn Science Hyscan analyser and the Severn Science freeze dryer range as well as all bespoke vacuum plant and one off build projects. We have a good working relationship with Mechatech systems, a company also formed by ex Severn Science employees who continue to produce items previously supplied by Severn Science like the Hyscan and the LS range of freeze dryers.