Vacuum Leak Detector Servicing and Calibration

To ensure the continued peak performance of your helium mass spectrometer leak detector periodic servicing is required to ensure the internal components of the leak detector such as the vacuum pumps, valves, pipework, gauging, filters and mass spec are clean and functioning as they should. We can carry out servicing in house or on site if practical and required. We can offer when available loan equipment whilst your leak detector is serviced or repaired at our site. We can service most manufacturers leak detectors such as:
• Pfeiffer * Alcatel * Edwards * Varian * Oerlikon Leybold * Veco

Helium source, mass spec & other gas checking units calibration

We are able to calibrate all manufacturers helium mass spectrometres and their associated calibration references, ie quartz helium reference leaks, capillary leaks, sinter leaks for either vacuum method leak detection or over pressure references for high pressure testing. Other forms of gas references for gases other than helium may also be calibrated please enquire. All our calibration is traceable to national standards and certification can be supplied. ISO9712 (EN473)

* Alcatel  * Edwards  * Oerlikon Leybold  * Pfeiffer  * Varian  * Veco