Vacuum Helium Leak Detection

Helium Leak Testing

Helium mass spectrometer leak detection equipment can be used to detect and locate leaks in individual components or up to large scale complicated plant.

Helium leak testing is highly accurate and can detect the smallest leaks that other forms of testing such as bubble testing would not be able to find. We are able to detect leaks to 10-12 mbarl-s or equivalent to any other units such a pascal meters cubed per second or ppm etc.

Helium is the ideal choice for leak detection as it is chemically inert non-toxic and as the molecules are very small it penetrates any leak easily and rapidly. Helium also occurs naturally at very low concentrations in the atmosphere so back ground levels do not interfere with leak testing results.

Leak detection personal are qualified to ISO 9712:2012 (BSEN473 level 2) . We are able to carry out certified leak detection to traceable national standards and also provide leak detection specifications, procedures and recommendations for vacuum helium leak detection and helium positive pressure leak detection. All our helium references are calibrated to national standards.

We are able to carry out vacuum helium leak detection on individual components, vessels and tanks etc of varying sizes and volumes either by using the mass spectrometer itself to generate the vacuum in the component if the size allows or with a combination of helium mass spectrometer and auxiliary pumping equipment which we can also supply if required on larger volumes. We can carry out this testing either at our premises or at customer sites.

There are varying methods to achieve the results required from the spraying of individual joints and welds to identify and pin point the leakage area. To the enveloping of the entire component in an enclosed bag and filing the bag with helium to as close to 100% purity to achieve an overall leak rate for any component, flask, tank etc.

Our equipment is available in 110V or 240V where required.

We carry out vacuum helium leak detection on large plant such as industrial freeze drying equipment, vacuum deposition units and other vacuum plant at customer sites by connecting into existing vacuum system and sampling of process gas with the helium mass spectrometer to detect problem leaks on customer plant. We are sometimes able to carry out this procedure on plant that does not normally run under vacuum with the use of a condensing trap and auxiliary pumps with helium mass spectrometer to detect leaks on that plant. Though normally where a system is not normally running under vacuum the positive pressure helium leak detection method is more appropriate.

Vacuum leak detection and calibration

Severn Vacuum Services Limited offer both pressure and vacuum leak detection and calibration, certification traceable to national standards is provided if required.

Helium mass spectrometer leak detection is a vacuum leak testing technique for checking the integrity of components and structures with a high level of sensitivity and certainty.

From small vacuum plant right up to the largest high vacuum systems, our leak detection service can be used to find pressure and vacuum leaks of all kind.

We can deal with leaks involving all kinds of media, so whether you are searching for vacuum leaks or the loss of pressure in fuel, gas, steam, air, refrigerant, water or oil systems, Severn Vacuum Services Limited can help.

It may be that media is leaking out, or gas is entering into. Ingress or vacuum leaks can be identified and resolved using our vacuum leak testing service.

Vacuum Leak Detectors

Vacuum leaks, or ingress leaks are commonly found in many industries from fuel to food processing.

Rather than having to dismantle large pieces of industrial equipment such as condensers, turbines or freeze driers, our vacuum leak detection service will uncover those hard to find ‘negative pressure’ leaks. This will reduce downtime and improve efficiency, product quality and safety.

To prevent downtime on noisy sites, we can use ultrasound equipment where the sound is above what the human ear can detect so we can carry on detecting without the need for shutting off noisy equipment.

No leak is too small to get past our vacuum leak detectors, which will quickly identify its location to enable your (or our) engineers to fix it in a quick and safe manner.

Severn Vacuum Services have a range of leak detectors (110v & 240v versions available), including both stationary and portable units. Our mobile portable units can be used anywhere on or off-site and enable our engineers to get into even the most hard to reach industrial machinery.

With a range of non-invasive inspection techniques, Severn Vacuum are able to supply a leak service with the minimum of disruption.

We also offer a specialist helium leak detector service. Please visit that page to find out more.