Vacuum Pump Spares


Severn Vacuum Services Ltd can supply all your vacuum pump spares for all the leading brands in the high vacuum industry.

All our vacuum pump parts are available in aluminium or corrosion resistant stainless steel with NW and ISO fittings.

As well as a range of Service Kits, Filter Elements and other consumables including O-rings, seals gaskets and flexible pumping line Severn Vacuum sell a range of Oils, Waxes and Greases.


Vacuum Pump Parts

Short and Long Flange Weld Stubs

Reducing Piece and Reducing T Piece

T Piece

Elbow (90 degree)

Coupling Body

Flexible Bellows

Flexible Pipelines

Blank Flange

Full Nipples

Vacuum Pump Vanes

Vacuum Pump Compressor

NW/ISO Adaptors

Adaptor PVC Hose

Compression Filling


Weld Socket Flange

Rotatable Flange with Fitting Kit

Collar Weld Stub

PVC Hose Clamps

NW Trapped ‘O’ Ring

Centering Ring with ‘O’ Ring

Centering Ring with screen

Clamping Rings

Hinged Clamps

Swing Clamps

Claw Clamps

Half Claw Clamps

Metal Seals

Severn Vacuum Services Ltd supply vacuum pump spares & vacuum pump parts for all these brands:

AccuFlow vacuum pumps

Alcatel vacuum pumps

Balzers vacuum pumps

Becker vacuum pumps

Bosch vacuum pumps

Busch vacuum pumps

CFM vacuum pump

Christ Alpha vacuum pump

Cryospeed vacuum pumps

DVP vacuum pumps

Edwards vacuum pumps

Franklin electric vacuum pump

Frozen in Time vacuum pumps

FTS vacuum pumps

Gast vacuum pumps

Hella vacuum pumps

Heraeus vacuum pumps

Heto vacuum pumps

Hick Hargreaves vacuum pumps

llmvac vacuum pumps

JB vacuum pumps

Jurop vacuum pumps

Kendro vacuum pumps

Kinney vacuum pumps

KNF vacuum pumps

Labconco vacuum pumps

Leybold vacuum pumps

Mastercool vacuum pumps

Mechatech vacuum pumps

Mills vacuum pumps

Nanotech vacuum pumps

Nash vacuum pumps

Pfeiffer vacuum pumps

Ricor vacuum pumps

Rietschle vacuum pumps

Robinair vacuum pumps

Savant vacuum pumps

Siemens vacuum pumps

SSBC vacuum pumps

Statebourne vacuum pumps

Stokes vacuum pumps

Thermo Electron vacuum pumps

Thermo Fisher pumps

Thermo Scientific vacuum pumps

Varian vacuum pumps

Veco vacuum pumps

Venturi vacuum pumps

Virtis vacuum pumps

Welch vacuum pumps

Wessington vacuum pumps

York vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pump Spares