Severn Vacuum Services – Sales

Severn Vacuum Services can supply the following vacuum fittings & accessories:

  • New and used vacuum equipment – Oil filled and dry pumps of all different pumping capacity are available.

Edwards RV/EM series pumps

Edwards XDs & NXDS series pumps

Edwards Boosters/Diffusion pumps

  • Vacuum pump spares – clean and overhaul kits and major parts are available for all leading manufacturers.
  • Gauges – high vacuum gauges including pirani, penning and strain for the most accurate pressure readings required.

Edwards AIM (active inverted magnetron)

Edwards TIC

Edwards ADC (active digital controllers)

Edwards ASG (active strain gauge)

Edwards APG (active pirani gauge)

Edwards WRG (wide range gauge)

Other manufacturers gauges are available

  • Leak Detectors and associated equipment – Full range of helium leak detectors are available from all the leading manufacturers.
  • Oil and Greases – a wide range of vacuum pump oils, fluid and grease to suit your application these include:

Edwards Ultragrade 19, 20 and 70 vacuum pump oilSales

Edwards 45 vacuum pump oil

Dow Corning 702, 704 and 705 silicone diffusion pump oil

Fomblin/Krytox 06/6 and 16/6 oil

Dow Corning high vacuum silicone grease


  • A full range of vacuum fittings and accessories – a comprehensive range of seals, fittings, clamps and accessories.


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