Positive/Over Pressure Helium Leak Detection

Certificated position/over pressure helium detection service for components, vessels, tanks etc to BSEN473 level 2 (ISO 9712:2012)leak detector for services - 10

We are able to offer this service at various pressure levels (from just over atmospheric pressure up to over 100 bar, depending on requires and circumstances).

Position/over pressure helium leak detection is usually used where either the system or component carries gases, fluids or other contaminants which would not allow the vacuum method to be employed or where a component or plant needs to be proof tested or leak traced when it’s operationally pressure is above 1 bar gauge which is the maximum pressure differential which can be achieved with the vacuum method.

Position/over pressure testing is achieved using the helium mass spectrometer by fitting a sniffer probe which draws in a sample of gas from the test area of a component or plant which is under a position pressure of helium or a helium mixture from 1% to 100% purity depending upon customers specification or what is practically achievable in any given situation.

As in the vacuum method the probe can be used to detect and pin point any leakage area or again if an overall leakage rate for component, tank, flask etc is required they can be enveloped in a bag and all helium leakage collected and the probe used to measure the collected helium.

All our pressure helium standards are calibrated to national standards and we can again provide traceable certification for all testing.

Severn Vacuum Services have carried out testing for the nuclear, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other chemical industries for example within these are have tested various forms of vessels, flasks, valves, cooling systems, refrigeration systems and storage tanks.

Our equipment is available in 110V or 240V where required.

Other Forms of Leak Detection

Severn Vacuum Services is also able to offer other forms of leak detection and leak proof testing such as pressure drop, pressure rise testing and bubble testing for example we can provide traceable certification for these forms of testing as well.